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European Foundation for Science and Research
In the spirit of the fair distribution of knowledge and economic opportunities, the European Foundation for Science and Research aims to support the creation of European structures and actively participate in this. In the fields of education and economy, the foundation has the intention of contributing to equal opportunities of all European players and thus, furthers the transnational harmonisation process. The foundation is dedicated to advance knowledge exchange between political science, sociology, anthropology, cultural anthropology and communication science, as well as knowledge exchange with action science fields like medicine, jurisprudence and commerce, in order to involve culturological aspects in the European development. By connecting interprofessional and international fields, multiprofessional abilities and experiences can find sensible cooperation and synergy. This reciprocal exchange is expected to yield multiperspectivically evaluated and differentiated results which are beneficial to the development of the all-European competence. Our emphasis lies in the creation of the integration of all European fields for the purpose of a common European identity in innovation sectors and fields. By furthering common objectives in transnational scientific and research projects, we focus on common social action besides scientific cooperation. This common social action should enhance social networks and support the idea of integration in which new common values are created. The goal behind it is a true European community at a practical, day-to-day level.
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