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According to the founder's wish, all companies and scientific groups are eligible for funding that are representatives of the fields of social sciences, medicine, politics, jurisprudence, engineering and economics and intend to establish international connections explicitly related to their projects. Ideas and structures are funded that benefit the building up of Europe's common intellectual and economic wealth. The foundation supports short- and long-term research projects contributing to transnational humanitarian values. Since the foundation creates structures, not only private enterprises but also European higher education institutions can be funded. In the spirit of distributive justice, the foundation emphatically funds internationally oriented studies. E-learning and blended learning based distance courses are our priorities. Our objective is to make knowledge and education accessible for many young people by creating distance learning opportunities. In addition, the distribution of vocational offers and demand in Europe should be harmonised. This means that the development of e-learning in medicine-encompassing the areas human medicine, culture of health and nursing sciences-is considered by us as one of our separate priorities.
European Foundation for Science and Research
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